Martie explores the Brazilian musical universe.

Dutch vocalist Martie is inspired by jazz and passionate about the rich diversity of Brazilian music. The jazz studies taken at Codarts Conservatory of Music in Rotterdam introduced Martie to the compositions of João Gilberto, Tom Jobim and Chico Buarque. Influenced by these masters she started an intensive journey into the Brazilian music universe. Undeterred.
After delving into a wide range of Brazilian rhythms, she prepares for the release of her debut-cd.


“I’ve recorded songs from all kind of corners of Brazil, ranging from Luiz Gonzaga, Nelson Cavaquinho, Choro, Bossa Nova to Sambas of the 60’s from Rio and Bahia.

Also I became intrigued by rhythms like Maracatu and Candomble. However, my roots lay in jazz. I won’t deny or hide them. For instance, when I interpret Dorival Caymmi’s songs, I try to incorporate all of it in a mix with my roots. With Claudio Dauelsberg I share my affinity with the sound transparency of European jazz. Together we try to combine Brazilian rhythms with a light touch of sophistication.
At the same time, I bear in mind that we live in the 21st century. It is an interesting process that involves decisions – most of them challenging – that need to be taken.”

Born in Tilburg, Holland in 1982, Martie has been involved in arts since she was a little kid.
She liked acting and dancing, besides playing the flute and the piano. At the age of 19, she was introduced to jazz and got inspired by Billie Holiday among others, developing her own style while faithfully searching to tell a story through music.

Before adhering to Brazilian music, Martie studied jazz at the Conservatory in Rotterdam, influenced by contemporary European jazz and classical music.
João Gilberto’s voice and beats, and Tom Jobim’s mastery, would open her path to MPB. This scenario shifted the development of her career upside down.

Martie deepened her interest in many aspects of Brazilian music and started to work on pronunciation and swing. At the same time she did her Master’s at the Fontys University in her hometown, exploring vocal techniques, composing and providing musical arrangements.

In August 2009, Martie visited Fortaleza, capital of Ceará. Within a few days she was praised in the pages of ‘Diário do Nordeste’, the newspaper of largest circulation there.
She made friends and seized opportunities to perform. Even Globo TV Network, a famous Brazilian broadcaster, produced a tv-special with her.
Back in Holland, her musical producer prepared a second special in October 2010 recorded at ‘Felix Meritis Theater’ in Amsterdam, where she was greatly acclaimed by the Brazilian audience.

When she first met with the Brazilian pianist Claudio Dauelsberg at the ‘Jazz and Blues Festival of Guaramiranga’ in Ceará in 2011, Martie received her first invitation to visit Rio. They agreed to work together in developing and recording an album in which process Martie would be guided by Claudio.

“Brazilian music revealed to be a much greater universe than I ever imagined. I realized that I had so much to learn; needing time to explore; interact with this universe and first find out who I was and what I really wanted to do.
Falling in love with the songs of the 60’s and 70’s was one thing. A completely different case is getting to know and understand how these MPB’s classics must be treated today. By then, I did not have deep understanding of the Brazilian music, so I wanted to learn more about the various rhythms and dances.

The powerful poetic language and rhythms are what attract me most in Brazil. My own compositions – as well as my personal interpretation of MPB songs – are influenced by different styles of various parts of the world. There is nothing logical about this, but it all resulted from the experience of living in a globalized and increasingly connected world. For me, music is a form of communication, a universal strength that drives me and connects me to other people through integrated spirit, beauty and harmony”, says Martie.

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